Solar system with vacuumed glass tubes
Tank capacity 200 l/d
Used for 5-7 persons


advantages :
- anti – erosion because of using glass tubes

-boiling the water up to 90c which saves consuming water

- internal tank with stainless steel with anti rust layers according to international standards

- isolating layer of poly urethane between the internal and external layer of the tank with 5 cm thickness to protect the degree of water up to 12 hours

specifications :

1- solar heating system

 unbroken glass vacuumed tubes

 ss-cu-n-al on the internal surface

high ability up to 90 % to absorb heat and sun rays

2- thermal tank :
 made of anti rust stainless steel of thickness 1.5 mm

 isolation of poly urethane with thickness 50 mm and capacity 35 kg/cm

 anti – leaking valve

 magnesium shaft width 0.75 inch to protect the internal tank

 electrical heater 3 kw in case of sun absence for several days

3- the holder :
 iron corner with angle 30 degree

 solar rays reflector to make good use of heat