Conveyor 250 t / h


Main specifications
Conveyor with telescopic lever for all kinds of grains
Height from the pavement surface ( 15 m )
The pulling tube with height ( 13 m )
Body width ( 6 m )
The maximum width out the tires ( 7.2 m )
Body length ( 8 m )

The least length for the telescopic boom ( 9 m )
The maximum length for telescopic boom ( 12m )

The conveyor is provided with automatic sucking boom that reaches 3 m with 40 degree with hydraulic system with cyclone movement up to 340 degree which is controlled automatically.

Specifications and protection
Easy to maintain and operating
Cyclone movement to 340 degree
Easy moving speeds

Automatic control with the telescopic boom with length 12 m and height with 40 degree ( vertical )

Hard work for 24 hours

Alarm and automatic halt in the following cases :
- stopping valve – engine temp. raising – blowers heat raising – hoper with capacity 25 t to unstopping work –sands prevented the valve

function : receiving grains from the cyclone and direct them to the hopper then to the carriers

the body is made from iron

anti – erosion painting to protect the body and absorb chocks

inner anti – erosion layer

capacity 150 l / turning

controlling the valve by stopping the movement if any problem happen to protect the valve

how the cyclone works
the cyclone separates the grains from air with central force – hard working unit with steel lined anti – erosion body saves energy – the cyclone and boom work automatically

 the conveyor blower fan ( turbine compressor )

external diameter : 900 mm
speed : 3970 turn / min
compressing percentage : 1.3
the whole compressing percentage : 1.7

manufactured from high specified materials to be protected and for long working hours

conveyor at sites
movable conveyor 250 ton / hour