Conveyor filter 255 t/h – port said company  


Main parts  

1- the boom holder and rotating filter with 340 degree.. cylindrical with outer diameter 2770 mm from steel with thickness 10 mm and 8 meter height with epoxy lining and outer anti-erosion poly urethane painting.

2- the rotating unit.. produced by Engine Factory from steel with outer diameter 1800 mm and 147 pointed teeth module 12 where the tower and the boom are lifted for better suction and rotating ability up to 340 degree.

3- sand preventing filter.. the inner part of the tower with diameter 145 mm and 2150 mm height provided with 26 solenoid for cleaning controlled by electrical box ( PLC ).

4- the valve.. the body from anti erosion flexible iron with capacity 300 t/h

5- the main boom.. consists of steel tubes with 1300 mm height and base width 1000 mm and length 20 m.. easy to move and assembled at the site.

 6- the boom wench.. consists of hydraulic cylinder for moving the up and down with 55 degree that could be automatically controlled with electrical box and a motor.

7- compressor chamber.. attached to the tower with compressor 21 h/b and Freon air dryer and oil tank and electrical box.